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Spelman College Graduates


Forwarding Mail

Students MUST submit a change of address form to the Mail Center when the student

  • moves to an off campus address
  • leaves campus for the summer
  • leaves Spelman College permanently
  • leaves on an exchange/study abroad assignment

Mail is forwarded for 90 days only.

New Address Notification

It is the students' responsibility to notify senders of their new address within the 90-day period, which commences with their departure from campus. Students who do not submit a forwarding notice will have their mail returned to sender. RPS, and other domestic and international couriers.

Study Abroad

Spelman College will not incur the cost of forwarding mail to international sites; therefore, students studying abroad must have their mail forwarded to a stateside address and may arrange to have that party send their mail to their abroad program. Students who study abroad will retain their mailbox assignment for the duration of the program.

Domestic Exchange

Exchange students' mail will be forwarded to the designated address for the duration of the exchange; however, students on exchange for more than one semester will have to relinquish their campus mailboxes.

Mail Forwarding Restrictions

Only the Post Office can accept forwarded mail. Anything received via FedEx, UPS, Airborne, DHL, RPS, Emery, or other non-postal carriers cannot be forwarded. All accountable items received for persons no longer on campus will be returned to sender without exceptions.

Consider Online Forwarding