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Past Event:  Go Barefoot with TOMS to Help Children

TOM's Day Without Shoes Event at Spelman
April 29, 2014 until 6 p.m.
Manley Center, Lower Level

This Year's Theme: 'Bare Necessities'

Why TOMS? Why Spelman? Why Now?

Each year, members of the Atlanta University Center celebrate "One Day Without Shoes," an initiative began by TOMS Shoes Co., to bring global awareness to children's health and education by going without shoes.

Participants are able to make pledges, join a TOMS team around campus, or donate new or gently used shoes for children ages 15 and under. Shoes are collected during the end of the day at a celebratory event on campus and later distributed to children via the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women.

There are generally games like capture the flag, extreme twister, a shoe drive, raffle prizes and more. ATTIRE: Everyone is encouraged to "Show their feet at this event."

This year, SpelHouse 4 TOMS is being lead by seniors Jakel Osborne and Taylor Ratliff, C'2014. 
For more information, please visit, and follow the Spelman TOMS initiative via the following social media channels:

Facebook: SpelHouse 4 Toms | Twitter: SpelHouse4TOMS | Instagram: @SpelHouse4Toms

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