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Cultural Immersion 2013: SAGE Trip Explores Culture and Tradition in London

While most students are making plans to spend time with family and friends this winter break, a group of 55 Spelman students and seven faculty and staff chaperones are exploring life across the pond in London, England, Dec. 16-22, as part of the Student Affairs Global Experience program.

Students will learn about British culture and government while gaining a clearer understanding about the architectural framework, social climate and economic experiences of individuals in the United Kingdom. They will also explore landmarks and walking tours such as the Big Ben, Oxford's The Christ Church, the British Museum, and Windsor Castle.

Students will begin with touring areas of the city, including Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, the Stand, and Leicester Square.  From Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament, students will have the opportunity to experience Great Britain's royal traditions.  Students will also take a tour of the British Museum, and celebrate London's vibrant drama scene by attending a theater performance.

Designed to support the College's Quality Enhancement Program's overall goal of global engagement, this study tour aims to increase student learning by comparing cultural differences and similarities based on reflective discussion about political, economic, educational, religious, and gender issues in London. All students traveling with SAGE will be required to turn in a reflective essay based on their experiences and observations.

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About SAGE

The Division of Student Affairs developed the Student Affairs Global Experience program to provide a global immersion experience for our students.  SAGE annually provides opportunities for students to gain exposure to world travel experiences as we live and work in an increasingly interdependent world. The program is designed to provide students with the tools and leadership skills necessary to becoming a global citizen. Students, faculty and staff have traveled to Rome, Paris, Egypt, and Japan. The Office of Student Life and Engagement works with the Student Government to identify the trip location.

The Student Affairs Global Experience is an outstanding learning experience that provides meaningful connections with Spelman students studying abroad in addition to connecting to the educational, political and social climate which significantly enhances the overall student growth and development. Our students learned a lot about themselves and other cultures as they are able to successfully immerse themselves into various world cultures. The SAGE program fees range from $1,900 to $3,300, and includes round trip airfare, bus transfers, internal flights, overnight stays in private hotel bathrooms, lunch/dinners, full-time guide, sightseeing tours and special attractions. Students are supported by faculty and staff chaperone.

The Student Government Association also provides scholarship opportunities for students in need of financial assistance. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life and Engagement at 404-270-5136 or email