Student Life: LEADS at Spelman

Guide to Service | Service FAQs

The Bonner Office of Community Service and Student Development strives to engage Spelman students in projects and programs created to improve the community surrounding the Spelman Campus. 

The following information will assist you in having a great service experience.

First- and Second-Year Service Requirements

  • First-Year Students - Minimum of 8 hours.
    Hours can be performed and logged from October 2014 – March 2015.
  • Second-Year Students - Minimum of 8 hours each semester (Fall and Spring Semester)

Community Service Hours Deadlines:

First-Year Students: March 2015

Second-Year Students

  • 1st Semester – November 2014
  • 2nd Semester – March 2015

Please verify the deadline date with The Bonner Office.

Important Service Facts:

  1. Agency/Organization must hold a 501(c) 3 tax status.

  2. Agency/Organization MUST be registered on GET CONNECTED

  3. If you wish to complete service hours with an agency/organization not registered on Volunteer Solutions, you MUST complete a Community Service Pre-approval form PRIOR to completing the service hours.

  4. All service must be performed OUTSIDE the Atlanta University Center gates, but within the Metro Atlanta area.

  5. We encourage students to serve the community within a 1.7 mile radius surrounding Spelman College Project Impact

  6. Incomplete hours will not be approved.

Steps to Serve

  1. Log on to our service website at

  2. Register and create your service profile on

  3. Search for opportunities or organizations by keywords, location, and/or issue area

  4. Volunteer with a pre-approved organization found on our website

  5. Log your service hours on our service website at