Student Life: Health and Wellness

Future Student Medical Information

All first time incoming students must meet the medical requirements before moving into campus housing or registering for classes. These medical requirements include a complete physical exam by your physician (including laboratory tests), mandatory immunization requirements, a health history (to be completed by the student) and emergency contact information.

The forms that need to be completed are in the Pre-Entrance Health Booklet which may be obtained from the Admissions Department or you can print a copy of the booklet. Please read the instructions carefully. The "Pre-Entrance Health Booklet" must be returned to Student Health Services by June 1 and Dec. 1.

Once received by Student Health Services, a provider in the department will review the medical information.  If items are missing or the booklet is found to be incomplete, it will be returned to you with detailed information on what is missing in order to complete processing.

Students who fail to meet the medical requirements as set forth in the "Pre-Entrance Health Booklet" will not be allowed to move into campus housing or register for classes.