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Student Profile: Ruth Wangia, C'2015

Social Justice Fellow and environmental science major Ruth Wangia says, “I am fully aware of the artificial barriers that deprive people of equal opportunity and the means to control their own destinies, and thus reinforce injustices and divisions in society.  Thus, I want to engage in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have equal access to resources, employment, services and opportunities.”

Wangia has served as a Spelman Green Ambassador for four years and explains why she believes the Spelman community should care about being sustainable.

“Sustainability is a multifaceted concept and is designed for our individual lifestyles. In choosing to cut down the amount of meat — especially beef — that we consume, we choose a healthy lifestyle and the most effective way to lower our carbon emissions from our diet,” said Wagnia. “Turning off your TV set and lights when you are not in your room can save money. In practicing simple sustainable ideas such as reduce, reuse and recycle, students can help the College reach its Climate Neutrality Plan.”

Wangia spent a semester studying abroad in Denmark where her focus was on "Sustainability in Europe." She also recently participated in the George Washington Carver Research Program at the University of Arkansas, and received second place in the program's poster contest for her project, “Constraining the Sources of Ore Metals in Picher, Oklahoma Using PB Isotopes.”