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Student Profile: Tayler Elam, C'2015

Biology premed major Tayler Elam, C'2015, will travel to Monteverde, Costa Rica, to complete research in tropical ecology and conservation as part of the Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College – GSTEM program.

During her monthlong journey, Elam will engage in rigorous coursework and Spanish language instruction, travel extensively throughout Costa Rica, and participate in an independent research project.

While studying abroad, she will become acquainted with practical biological problems associated with agricultural development, eco-tourism and grassroots conservation efforts in developing countries.

Following up on a designed research protocol, Tayler will begin her research program under the leadership of Dr. Karen Masters, resident director for CIEE/Costa Rica, and Dr. Jonas Tekkle, assistant professor of biology at Spelman, with literature review, followed by an intensive field-based program aiming at data collection on species interactions.