Career Center: Human Resources

What our employees say…

I enjoy my engagement with the students, their love for service and natural instincts for leadership.
      Jane E. Smith, Ed.D. C’68, Executive Director of LEADS

I enjoy wonderful colleagues and friends over the years; helpful staff striving to make Spelman better; students eager to learn and happy to be at Spelman; and a lovely green, garden-like campus.
     Dr. Fredrick H. Langhorst, Chair & Associate Professor of Spanish

Working at Spelman is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.  I am surrounded by greatness on every level.  It leaves me inspired, encouraged and excited about showing up to share in what the next day will bring.  Spelman's recently launched 'Standards of Excellence' program is a reflection of its commitment to embody the spirit of humanity. It's that simple.  It is that amazing!
Diane Horner, Banner Analyst

I love working at Spelman College because I work with seasoned professionals who are expert at what they do and are committed to doing the best job they can.  Additionally, I get to have an impact on the lives of our students so that we will have better health outcomes than previous generations and this gets me going in the morning.
Brenda Dalton, Director of Student Health Services

The professional training and development seminars are essential to promoting civility amongst our fellow colleagues.  These seminars exhibit the Human Resources Department's commitment to nurturing Spelman's employees to performing their best, both on and off campus.  They provide consistent tools in shaping performance expectations in every position here at Spelman College.
      Don Blackston, Associate Director of Facilities Management Services

The students that I work with are truly a joy.  Not only are they smart women, but they are well traveled, civically engaged and an inspiration to us all.  Every day that I spend at Spelman College, I know that I am making an impact on these women and they are certainly making the same, if not a greater impact, on me.”
      Britney Peyton, Community Service & Bonner Fellow

I enjoy working at Spelman because I enjoy the people that I work with daily, everything is a team effort. I enjoy the academic atmosphere whereas I am a part of changing lives of young women.”
      Eleanor Hatton, Payroll Manager