Career Center: Human Resources

Application Process

How do I apply for a staff position at Spelman?

All applications should be submitted using the online application process.  The first step in the process is to visit the Spelman Career Center website and review the list of vacant positions. Next, you will be guided through the online application process to apply for open positions.

If I do not have a computer, how can I apply for a position?

Most public libraries and the Department of Labor have computers with internet access that you may use to apply for positions with Spelman. 

What if I forget my password?

Can’t remember your password? No problem! Just enter your email address with the password field blank and click submit. Your password will be sent to you by email immediately.  

Do I need an email address to apply for a position at Spelman?

In order to complete the online application, an email address is required.  It is useful to have an active email account for your online application as you will receive an email to confirm you have applied for a specific position.

How will I know my online application was submitted successfully?

You will receive an electronic acknowledgement letting you know your application was received and submitted.

Can my resume stay on file for future vacancies?

No. Your resume will not be considered for future vacancies unless you apply for a position when it is posted.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for more than one position that is posted on the Career Center website.

Can I submit a resume for a position that is not vacant or posted?

No, we do not accept resumes or applications for positions that are not vacant.

Do you take walk-in, unsolicited, faxed or mailed resumes or applications?

No, we do not accept walk-in, unsolicited, faxed or mailed resumes or applications. Please submit your application via our online application process.

Does Spelman College participant in E-Verify for all new employees? 

Yes, we participant in the e-verify process for all new employees (faculty, staff and students). New employees are required to provide documentation to verify their identity and employment eligibility to work in the United States within 3 days of starting new position.