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Alumnae Profiles: Milan Green

Alumna Milan Green, C'2011,  loves animals -- BIG ANIMALS.  The conservation scholar holds a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Spelman, and is pursuing a master's degree in animal science from Texas A&M University. Her ultimate goal is to work as a lion trainer or behaviorist, and she hopes her passion for animals and the environment will inspire her Spelman sisters to choose career paths that are out of the ordinary. 

In high school, Green began preparing for her future by participating in a pre­veterinary program at Tuskegee University's ­Institute of Veterinary Sciences. Her internship exposed her to classes like the  “History/introduction of Veterinary Medicine," and “Introduction to Animal Science.” 

Green also interned for four years under Dr. Sylvia Padgett at Cuddle Care Hospital in Austell, Georgia; and she also assisted guests and answered exhibit questions at the Georgia Aquarium. 

“A lot of my time was spent waiting for the right moment to jump into someone's conversation, tell them a cool fact, wait to see the spark in their eyes, and know that we could talk about the animals or the environment for the next half an hour,” says Green.

Steve Irwin, one of Green's heroes, had a huge impact on her; and influenced her love for animals at an early age. When she was younger she recalls watching Irwin on television, and “being fascinated by the man jumping all over my T.V. screen,” says Green.

Green fondly recalls those magical moments: "Irwin was chasing down a snake who looked as if he wanted to kill him; yet he was telling viewers detailed facts about the snake. I loved every minute of it.” 

One of Green’s goals is to encourage people to protect animals and further animal conservation. Her tactic is to get people excited about animals the same way Steve Irwin did for her.

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