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 Alumnae Profiles: Hope Harris, C'2012

A native of New Mexico, alumna Hope Harris graduated from Spelman with a bachelor of arts in comparative women's studies on a disciplinary film track. Having grown up amidst New Mexico's blossoming film industry, Harris'  love for film and performance art was ingrained in her at a very young age.  When she was eight years old, she discovered her passion for acting; and since then, her life has been dedicated to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Making the Most of Her Undergraduate Experience

During her years at Spelman, Harris fine-tuned her skills as a member of the Spriggs Burroughs Drama and Dance Department,  where she spent a year as a member of the  Spelman Dance Theatre. She also produced numerous films as a participant in the film programs at both Spelman and  Clark Atlanta University. 

Committed to her craft and the development of others, Harris helped establish the Morehouse Filmmaker's Association, and founded and co-owned a local film blog/production company called "On The Applebox." She also worked on several major motion picture/television productions in New Mexico.

Turning International Exposure into a Mentoring Opportunity

During her sophomore year, Harris had the honor of representing Spelman College on an international scale when the short film "SAVED" was accepted into the Short Film Corner of the esteemed Cannes Film Festival in France. She and her  On The Applebox partners from Morehouse College created the film, and she played the lead role.

In 2013, after establishing an annual relationship with the Cannes festival team, Harris mentored close to 200 students from across the world as a program coordinator with the Creative Minds in Cannes Program. In this role  she was instrumental in bringing passionate young filmmakers closer to making their dreams a reality.  

Since graduating from Spelman, Harris has spent the past year and a half establishing herself within the film industry in Los Angeles.  With two feature films, 12 commercials with companies such as Kia and Nintendo, a commercial print ad with Google, and a lead role in the number one hit single music video, "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, she is well on her way to leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment Industry.

Though her focus is on her acting career, she still has her hand in production as she recently directed the Spanish/English speaking Victim Impact Statements for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving); and she has a few feature films currently in development. Her passion to uplift the community and help further the consciousness level of the masses is strong, and she hopes to represent herself, her family, as well Spelman to the best of her ability.