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Alumnae Profiles: Rosemary Enobakhare, C'2008

When she attended Spelman, Rosemary Enobakhare says no one ever could have told her she would have a career in politics. But, through the College’s principle of teaching women to commit and serve the community, she opened her eyes and mind to the opportunities politics offer. “I never in a million years believed that I would ever go into politics, but at Spelman, I developed a passion for wanting to help others who had become voiceless,” said the economics major, who plans to pursue an MBA in law or public policy.

“By working in Congressman Bennie Thompson’s [D-Miss.] office as an intern and for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, I totally changed my mind about politics. I discovered a love for policy, which caused me to get more involved.” In her day-to-day responsibilities, Ms. Enobakhare works with the chairman of the DNC, promotes President Obama’s agenda to constituents, speaks with college students who tour the DNC facilities, and goes to states to help secure Democratic seats within Congressional and Senate races during election season. Ms. Enobakhare, who is getting ready for the upcoming November elections, admits that campaigning has its letdowns. “When working on campaigns, you put in a lot of hard work for your candidate in hopes of winning a seat, but things don’t necessarily go your way,” she said. “Many times your candidate does not win, and that is the toughest part of my job.”

With lofty goals of her own, Ms. Enobakhare expects to be on the political scene a long time. While she wants to climb the political ladder, starting with a council seat, then maybe a mayoral stint, her eyes are set on higher ground. “I have so many goals and aspirations, buy my main goal is to one day be the governor of the state of Mississippi,” said the Jackson, Miss., native. “It would be my honor and privilege to serve the constituents of my home state.”

*This article can be found in the Fall 2010 edition of the Spelman Messenger*