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Alumnae Profiles: Angela Boudreaux-Copeland, C'09

Opportunity has played a role in Angela Boudreaux-Copeland’s development as a
leader. “I think every being has the potential to succeed, lead and thrive,” she says. “I don’t think any human being is greater than another, but I think that I was blessed to have been given great mentors, great role models, a great education and access to Spelman. There are a lot of brilliant women of African descent who may be a million times smarter than I, but they might not have had an opportunity to attend Spelman and meet the women who changed my life here.”

Though only 26, Ms. Boudreaux-Copeland says “my life has already gone in circle
after circle,” bringing her back to Spelman. Fittingly, she views leadership as synonymous with service. “An effective leader is one who recognizes that their most important contribution is their service and recognizes the beauty of all humanity; one who seeks to truly work with others, not necessarily on behalf of others,” she adds.

Her position is teaching her how many social justice issues are connected. “You can’t talk about education as an issue without talking about poverty, hunger, violence, as issues. So many things are connected and we’ll be more effective if we don’t isolate ourselves into narrow boxes, but appreciate and respect all people.”

She sees the need for “leaders who understand the historical context of where we are as a human race, making sure that we recognize those who have come before us, what has happened before us,” she says. “I think that new folks sometimes want to reinvent the wheel. We have a lot of great leaders – society needs those who are willing to build upon the momentum and sacrifices that have been made.”

Career Highlights: Elementary and middle school teacher, Teach for America; Social Justice Fellow Program Coordinator, Spelman College.

*This article can be found in the Spring 2014 edition of the Spelman Messenger*