Alumnae: Alumnae Entrepreneurs

Shashonna Smith, C'97

In her career as a software engineer since graduating from Spelman with a degree in computer and information sciences, Shonna Smith has found great fulfillment. But, two years ago she started Kid Care Anywhere, an on-location babysitting service that brings sitters to any social occasion or venue, including weddings, company meetings and seminars, parties or backyard barbecues.

started this company for many reasons, but mostly because I was finding it difficult to attend networking or pure just-for-fun events due to not being able to get a sitter,” said Smith who still works full time as a software engineer and consultant. I thought someone should start a company providing sitters ‘anywhere you’d need them.  I looked around and saw no one doing it, so I decided to do it myself.”

With six employees, Smith’s company operates in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. “Spelman definitely helped me develop a sense of confidence and willingness to take risks to chart my own course in life,” she said. “I was exposed to countless examples of what great women can accomplish when they truly put their mind to it and remain focused.”