Alumnae: Alumnae Entrepreneurs

Jamie M. Bennett, C'94

Jamie BennettIn the fall of 2012, Bennett looked around at her cubical surroundings and muttered to herself, God you must have created me for something better than this.”  It was the beginning of her aha moment, and it was at that instant that she decided to re-write her life's script.  “For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be in corporate America,” said Bennett who described herself as the most reluctant entrepreneur ever. “As a little girl, I actually pretended to be a business woman.  I had a desk that had a phone, a calculator and various papers that I periodically shuffled.”
After receiving a bachelor's degree from Spelman, a MBA from the CUNY-Zicklin School of Business and almost 20 years of working in New York and Atlanta, on Wall Street and in the nonprofit world, she suddenly decided she no longer wanted the dream she had been pursuing for decades. “I thought, 'well I can't sew well enough for that to be my business, and I certainly can't cook well enough to open a restaurant.'  I had no idea what to do, where to start, so I prayed and asked God to give me a vision.”
In April 2013, she launched Assistance For Hire LLC., a personal concierge/lifestyle management company.  From planning events, paying bills, planning trips, grocery shopping, to supervising the work of vendors (plumbers, electricians, handyman service, etc.), Bennett's one-stop service gives the client the “gift of time.” Employing five and in her second year of business, she said she is right on track to clear $10,000.

“As an alumna nurtured by Spelman in my formative years, I had a confidence instilled in me that  I could become anything that I wanted,” said Bennett. “I stand on the shoulders of thousands of outstanding women, educated in the same space where I was educated that have made their mark in corporate America and in their own entrepreneurial ventures. These women are my role models and are clear indicators that I am well equipped to follow in their footsteps.”