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Learning Resources

The Learning Resources Center is an individualized laboratory support service for the Learning Resources Program. It is a well-equipped facility containing practice materials, audio-visual equipment, software books, reference materials and computers for student usage. The center offers such services as instruction in reading and study skills, task management and test-taking, peer tutoring, academic support for students with special needs and preparation for placement examinations for graduate study (LSAT, GRE).

The math department and the foreign language department offer learning laboratories as well. There is an active program of student learning and assessment that begins at the first-year level and continues through the senior year.

There is also a comprehensive writing center with computers and writing resources, tutoring and workshops. Tutoring is available in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer and information sciences, and modern foreign languages.

The Student Success Program provides support and academic assistance for science, engineering, and mathematics majors to increase success and retain students in the major.

The Women’s Research and Resource Center contains a collection of materials about women and serves as a place where students can come, relax, study and meet in small groups.

Planning a Career

The function of the Office of Career Planning and Development is to help students of all classifications achieve their career objectives by clarifying their goals, identifying their skills and interests and making informed career decisions. Students are encouraged to begin meeting the staff during their first year of matriculation at the College. We encourage all students to participate in activities designed to build networking skills, polish resume writing and interviewing skills, provide career opportunities and prepare students for life following Spelman.

The Office of Health Careers serves as a repository of information for students interested in careers in the health professions. Information about professional schools, admissions requirements, financial aid, summer enrichment programs and career options is available.

The Office of Graduate School Relations encourages graduate and professional school enrollment among Spelman students. It also engages in building bridges with universities and programs that are interested in Spelman graduates.

Spelman College Parents Association

Welcome Parents and Families!

As a parent, your daughter's college experience is as equally important to you as it is to her. At Spelman College, we understand this concern and realize your desire to be involved during this very important step in her life.

The Spelman College Parents Association is a way in which you can stay involved in your daughters college experience. The purpose of the SCPA to promote a dynamic relationship between the College and parents in support of the educational experience of our students.

Here you will find helpful information about the institution where your student will study and grow for the next three or four years of her life, about the types of activities we offer, how she will change from the inside and out as she matures in a nurturing environment, and what things we will do to prepare your student for success.

Helping you to better understand the place your daughter might begin to think of as "a second home" will allow you to be a better resource for her.

Thank you for all that you do as a parent and we're proud you've chosen to allow your daughter to be a part of our Spelman family!

Join SCPA today!

Membership is free and open to family members of current and former Spelman students. For more information, contact us:

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Spelman College Parents Association
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