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Ten-month Annual Payment Plan


Pay your first and second semester tuition bill in 10 installments using our online tuition payment plan system. Tuition payment plans help families budget the cost of tuition, fees and room and board by spreading out the annual cost over 10 payments during the year.

fee to enroll in this plan is $500 per year.  The enrollment fee is nonrefundable; therefore, parents are encouraged to take into consideration all sources of financial aid prior to enrolling in the plan.  

Enroll May 23 - June 28, 2016 | First payment due June 29, 2016

How To Enroll​

  • Estimate your total cost for the school year.  Consider financial aid, scholarships, and other sources when estimating your cost
  • Go to, and click on “Parents and Family” | “Pay Tuition Online
  • Log in using your student ID or authorized user credentials
  • Click “Payment Plans” and ENROLL NOW
  • Select “Fall 2016” term from the drop down box/menu
  • Review the Estimated Plan Details; then click “Continue”
  • Complete the “Eligible Charges and Credits Worksheet” to determine the amount you will pay monthly.  Remember to include the Payment Plan fee of $500 on your worksheet
  • Click “Display Payment Schedule
  • Click “yes” or “no” to setup automatic payments. (“Yes” will allow you to schedule automatic monthly deductions from the payment method of your choice)
  • Click “Continue” to accept the payment plan or  click “Previous Step” to make adjustments and to recalculate your monthly payment
  • Review the payment agreement form and click “I agree.”  Then click “Continue
  • Print your agreement for your records

Due Dates/Payments for 10 Installments

Payment #1              June 29, 2016
Payment #2              July 29, 2016
Payment #3              August 30, 2016
Payment #4              September 29, 2016
Payment #5              October 28, 2016
Payment #6              November 29, 2016
Payment #7              December 16, 2016
Payment #8              January 30, 2017
Payment #9              February 28, 2017
Payment #10            March 29, 2017

When making a payment for the 10-month plan, click the Payment Plan tab.
(DO NOT click on “Make a Payment”).

Important Note

After two missed payments, you will automatically be removed from the 10-month annual plan. The remaining account balance must be paid in full or in accordance with the three-month semester plan.   

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