Academics: Study Abroad

Study Abroad Requirements

Spelman College actively encourages you to enrich your educational experience by studying abroad in your junior year. In special cases, the College also allows some seniors to spend the first semester of your final year overseas. Check in early with the study abroad office for assistance in finding the right program to suit your academic needs.

In order to study abroad you must:

  • Have minimum of a 3.0 GPA and have at least junior standing when commencing the program
  • File a Spelman Study Abroad application by March 1 for fall, including full year, and Sept. 15 for spring
  • If you know in the spring of your sophomore year that you plan to go abroad the following spring, you are urged to file the Spelman application for the March deadline

In selecting a study abroad program, it must be university based either in the United States or a designated foreign country, preferably both. A list of approved programs is available in the Study Abroad Office. All applications and approvals for study abroad come through the study abroad office and its faculty committee.

In order to get credit as well as use financial aid, you must go through the study abroad office. Study abroad will be approved if you demonstrate you are enriching your educational experience in your major, or in some way studying areas or subjects that we cannot meet that need on campus. Study abroad is part of the curriculum for the degree and should not delay graduation with the student's class. Among the criteria upon which study abroad applicants are generally judged are the following:

  • Academic credentials
  • Emotional maturity
  • Adaptability to overseas environment
  • Sincere commitment and interest in the host country (as reflected perhaps by past experiences such as hobbies, readings, or course work)
  • Relevance of the overseas program to your academic and career goals
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