Jainabou Barry,Camille Henderson-Edwards,Tanisha Jarvis,Tuwa Karnley,Ke'Andra Levington,Jasmine Payne,Ruth Wangia,Kendall Wells,Breanna Wilkerson,AmaYates-Ekong,

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Meet the Social Justice Fellows

Jainabou Barry, C'2015, Dual Degree Engineering Major
“Without compassion, the world becomes a cold place and social justice work cannot thrive.  After deep thought, I understood that … no matter your circumstance, you can always help someone in need.”

Camille Henderson-Edwards, C'2015, Political Science Major
“Integrity is a requirement of walking in my calling.  The same diligence, commitment, and scholarship that I present in my public life are the same diligence, commitment, and scholarship that are conducted in my private live.  I maintain such integrity knowing that my actions, seen and unseen, can affect the lives of many.”

Tanisha Jarvis, C'2015, Sociology and Anthropology Major, Pre-Medicine Track
“I believe that my mission on Earth is to be a social activist; to emit change for women and children around the world.  This is what I live for.  It is the essence of who I am.”

Tuwa Karnley, C'2015, International Studies Major
“It always saddens me to see these atrocities affect children but as I was always told growing up, my sadness does not help anyone out of the situation.  With this knowledge, I am eager, willing and dedicated to learning all of the techniques, skills, and knowledge that I can to help children affected by injustice.”

Ke’Andra Levingston, C'2015, English Major
“I believe that it is not simply having a solid set of morals that is important, but that such morals can only be effective when combined with the acknowledgement of the social ills that challenge the world.”

Jasmine Payne, C'2015, English Major
“Passion and empathy commit me to push for change.  I recognize that the world is waiting, and I want to add my power to the force that is starting a revolution.” 

Ruth Wangia, C'2015, Environmental Science Major

“I am fully aware of the artificial barriers that deprive people of equal opportunity and the means to control their own destinies, and thus reinforce injustices and divisions in society.  Thus, I want to engage in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have equal access to resources, employment, services, and opportunities.”

Kendall Wells, C'2015, Political Science Major
“Leadership is humbly allowing your work to speak for itself.  When you agree to make the decision to lead, you make the decision to allow others to walk behind you in the journey to righteousness.”

Breanna Wilkerson, C'2015, Comparative Women’s Studies Major

“Understanding the intersecting identities of underrepresented individuals is crucial to reimagining their spaces as healthy, flexible, diversified, and transformative terrains.  My life experiences have molded an interest in social justice amongst all people.”

Ama Yates-Ekong, C'2015, Sociology and Anthropology Major
“Not only do I love serving others, but I feel it is my duty to do so as a way to counteract social injustices that negatively impact the world today . . . I feel that the most important part of making a positive mark on society is the concept of awareness and advocacy.”