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Honor Students

2014 Summer Readings

The Githii Honors Program  takes seriously the importance of the undergraduate experience as a chance to engage what political theorist Hannah Arendt referred to as “the life of the mind.”  Arendt, often considered a political philosopher, wrote about the nature of power, authority and democracy. 

At Spelman College, we speak often of the importance of critical questioning and intellectual engagement as the path to agency, another word for power.  We connect our program reading history to Phillis Wheatley on to Frederick Douglass then to W.E.B. DuBois and Anna Julia Cooper, to one of our most literate American presidents, Mr. Barack Obama, and to the possibility of equal democracy.
Your challenge as you read the texts  -- The Black Count, a scholarly biography of the real Count of Monte Cristo; Hip Hop War, a critical study of hip hop; Suspicion Nation, a critical analysis of the trial of George Zimmerman; and  Americanah, is to discover the important connections.