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Domestic Exchange Student Reflections

  • Rachel C. Oatis - American University

    Rachel Oatis
    “That sounds like a blast,” yells one of the AU students as I sit in the campus library writing my reflection. Those sentiments perfectly describe my experience in the Washington Semester Program (WSP) at American University so far. My experience with campus life, activities and D.C. city life have been nothing short of amazing!


  • Alexandra Nicole Roberson - New York University

    Alexandra Nicole Roberson
    NYU! NYU!!! I have arrived, and it has been a serious adventure so far! Arriving to my residence hall on January 20 was unlike any other. I stepped outside my car, excited to stretch my legs from the 4-hour drive from my home and looked at the building.


  • Charlotta Blackman - American University

    Charlotta Blackman
    I am currently located in Washington D.C. and my experiences at American University have been very "interesting" compared to my time at Spelman.


  • Nafissa Johnson - Wellesley College

     Nafissa Johnson
    I am currently attending Wellesley College, located just outside Boston, Massachusetts. Adjusting to Wellesley was a little bit hard at first, because most of the academic buildings are spread all throughout the campus.


  • Kayla Jackson - Loyola Marymount University

    Kayla Jackson
    Los Angeles is home to a very unique and eclectic mix of individuals, and it is also common ground for individuals from virtually all cultures and walks of life. At the beginning, it was somewhat difficult for me to place myself within a context of such heterogeneity; however, LMU has created a space where my experiences are valued and appreciated.


  • Nyasha C. Smith - Stanford University

    nyasha smith
    I anxiously awaited my arrival at Stanford University. As I neared the campus, just seeing the Stanford banners on the streets leading into the campus, filled me with excitement. I was in amazement that I would actually be a student at this university. The campus is beautiful and large -- so large in fact that I realized I needed to get accustomed to riding my bike to class.


  • Brean Derrett - University of Southern California

    Brean Derrett Dodgers Game
    My experience at USC has had its ups and downs, but I will start with the good things about my experience as a Trojan because there are so many to list!


  • Naomie Delva - University of California at San Diego

    I have arrived at USCD! I decided to travel to another time zone - Pacific Standard Time -- in order to have a new undergraduate experience. The University of California is a public institution established only 55 years ago. It is one of the many schools of the University of California Public School System.


  • Shelby P. Smith - American University

    I am becoming very familiar with Washington, D.C., and navigating the city has gotten much easier. I am still enjoying my internship and course load. We have conducted many site visits featuring a lot of speakers, many of whom are senate and house members, judges and other workers on Capitol Hill.


  • Nicole Johnson - Mills College

    Nicole Johnson Mills College
    I called Dean Neely and Ms. Washington at Spelman today. I had to tell the Nicole Johnson Mills Collegem how thankful I am for this opportunity. I have not been here long and already I am realizing how great this decision has been.


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