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The Howard Hughes Program at Spelman

Spelman College has benefited from continuous HHMI funding since 1992, and the current award provides an additional four years of support (2012- 2016) for a variety of innovative science initiatives at Spelman, including programs that encourage undergraduate students in science exploration and prepare them for successful scientific careers.

These programs have contributed to Spelman’s status as one of the nation’s top producers of minority student Ph.Ds. We are very excited to be able to continue our tradition of training women of color for successful biomedical careers.

The current award supports student researcher development, advisement, support and training, as well as promotes student curiosity and science literacy through two undergraduate research training programs that will provide research opportunities for our students both on and off campus, and innovative research and grant competitions.

  • Research Associates Program (RAP)
  • Spelman Mentored and Research Trained Scholar Program (SMART Scholars)
  • Spelman Pioneer Award in Research Competition (SPARC)
  • Student-Developed Competitive Research Grants
Another goal of the HHMI Program focuses on curricular development, specifically:
Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development

Howard Hughes Team

  • Dr. Aditi Pai, Program Co-Director
  • Dr. Lisa Hibbard, Program Co-Director
  • Dr. Rosalind Bass, Biology Department, Internal Advisory Board
  • Dr. Andrea Lawrence, Computer Science Department, Internal Advisory Board
  • Dr. Kai McCormack, Psychology Department, Internal Advisory Board
  • Dr. Marta Dark McNeese, Physics Department, Internal Advisory Board

For more information about the Spelman HHMI Program, contact us via email at or via telephone at 404-270-5855