Academics: Research Programs

Spelman Mentored and Research Trained Scholars Program (SMART SCHOLARS)

Spelman Mentored and Research Trained (SMART) Scholars are selected as incoming First Year students and participate in a focused development and research training program at the college. SMART Scholars are invited to apply and are selected based on high school overall GPA, class standing, SAT/ACT scores, letters of support, and interest in and potential for research in science as indicated in a required essay.  

Scholars participate in a number of developmental activities both in their required classes and outside of class that will support them over their time at the college.  Participants will select their research mentors and projects by spring term of their first year.  Scholars receive stipend support for two years: $2,500 in the first year; $4,000 in the sophomore year.

In their junior and senior years, Scholars will be encouraged to become more independent and apply for research support through other research programs/grants. The goal of the SMART Scholar experience is to help students build the skill set necessary to think and perform like scientists.


SMART Scholar applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are due on September 1 and letters of recommendation are due on September 15.