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G-STEM Team Members 

Associate Provost for Global Education: 'Dimeji Togunde, Ph.D.
Title III Activity Director for G-STEM and Professor of International Studies
350 Spelman Lane, SW, Box 343
Atlanta, GA 30314

Dr. ‘Dimeji Togunde serves as the Associate Provost for Global Education
and professor of International Studies at Spelman College. His roles include providing leadership for the implementation of the College’s Strategic Planning and its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), also known as Spelman Going Global!, which is the center-piece of the College’s reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

As the College’s Chief International Officer; he provides guidance and direction for all of the College’s global learning initiatives and strategic international partnership engagements. He oversees the Office of Study Abroad, Office of Cultural Orientation, Center for International Affairs, International Student Services and Advising, and all study-travel programs directed by faculty and staff.

Professor Togunde also serves as the Activity Director for the G-STEM Program, an initiative funded by TITLE III, Part F SAFRA grant which provides international research opportunities for Spelman’s students in Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Prior to joining Spelman College in August 2011, Dr. Togunde spent the last 15 years at Albion College in Michigan, where he held the John S. Ludington Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences as Professor of Sociology, and served as Chair of the Department of Anthropology/Sociology, and Director of Ethnic Studies Program.

Dr. Togunde is responsible for overseeing the study abroad office, all faculty-led study-travel programs, including G-STEM, and for building/strengthening strategic international partnerships aimed at enhancing faculty research and students' global learning experiences.  He is also responsible for the procedural and regulatory compliance of the G-STEM Program.  This includes approving proposals and expenditures related to faculty and student travel, providing bi-annual progress reports and annual reports to the Title III Department and facilitating the cultural orientation for students traveling abroad for undergraduate research opportunities.

G-STEM Co-Director: Terezinha Galvao, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Environmental Science and Studies Program
Project Director, Co-PI
350 Spelman Lane, SW Box 340
Atlanta, GA 30314

Dr. Galvao is responsible for spearheading new international partnerships, including visitation and evaluation of potential selected international sites. 

She is also responsible for pairing G-STEM scholars with Spelman/international mentors for the new established partnerships.  She also contributes to student recruiting by visiting selected Spelman classrooms, and to disseminating of GSTEM research experiences, either by facilitating the participation of students in conferences or through publications.  Dr. Galvao also oversees student research projects at new international sites.

G-STEM Co-Director: Kai McCormack, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Project Director, Co-PI
350 Spelman Lane, SW Box 340
Atlanta, GA 30314

Dr. McCormack is responsible for building upon existing study abroad experiences, and developing research partnerships with individual departments and researchers. 

She is responsible for the identification of possible international mentors at these institutions, and the pairing of G-STEM scholars with the foreign mentors and the Spelman mentors.  Dr. McCormack works closely with the external evaluator in the collection and reporting of her findings. 

G-STEM Program Manager: Karen Clay, Ed.S

Program Manager
350 Spelman Lane, SW, Box 340
Atlanta, GA 30314

Ms. Clay is a youth development leader with over 15 years in student services setting-up and administering programs in academic settings including marketing programs and recruiting students.  She provides a systematic inquiry of complex issues surrounding the engagement of multicultural student populations in institutional settings domestically and abroad through collaborative learning, STEM advisement and international partnership development techniques and strategies.

Ms. Clay is responsible for creating innovative and integrated techniques and strategies for collaborative student learning, STEM recruitment and screening, program marketing and development, general program management and daily office operations.  Further, the program manager oversees daily operations of the international partnerships, student advising/orientation/mentoring and evaluation of research sites.

G-STEM Program Assistant: LaTasha Andre’G-STEM at Spelman
Senior Administrative Assistant
350 Spelman Lane, SW, Box 340
Atlanta, GA 30314

Ms. Andre’ is responsible for providing administrative support to the G-STEM office including:  responding to student questions regarding G-STEM application procedures; processing student applications, maintaining and monitoring student files; completing paperwork associated with all aspects of the student exchange process including scholarship and program applications, coordinating and scheduling on-campus events including program visitors and orientations; and assists with pre-departure orientation, re-entry and other advising tasks.