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G-STEM at Spelman College

Video created by Ebone' Monk with Mekhakhem Kheperu
on conducting G-STEM research in Chennai, India.

About G-STEM

Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College (G-STEM) seeks to prepare African-American women within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines to be globally engaged upon graduation from Spelman College.

The G-STEM office has been developed to work synergistically with different offices and departments on campus to establish formal international research collaborations, and develop a structured mentoring program for STEM majors (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Dual-Degree Engineering or Environmental Science and Studies) seeking global research experiences. The G-STEM program's goals are to greatly increase the quality and quantity of international research opportunities available to our students, as well as enhance the mentoring process between STEM students and faculty.

Once formally admitted, G-STEM Scholars are:

  • Paired with a G-STEM mentor at Spelman College who provides mentorship before, during and after the trip
  • Placed into a research lab or field experience abroad

It is expected that this level of continuous, focused mentoring by faculty will support students in integrating their research experiences abroad into their undergraduate careers, thereby helping them becoming highly competitive candidates for STEM careers and graduate study.

G-STEM Scholars Expectations

Each G-STEM Scholar is expected to do the following:

  • Communicate with the G-STEM Office and their G-STEM Mentors before, during and after the undergraduate research experience abroad
  • Attend mandatory meetings and orientation sessions
  • Complete STS100 Study Travel Course
  • Create and maintain a Moodle Portfolio of cultural and scientific reflections of experiences abroad
  • Upon return from research experience abroad attend four G-STEM Monthly Meetings and submit a scholarly research report to the G-STEM office (approximately 10 pages) by established deadline
  • Present a poster or oral presentation at Spelman Research Day and participate G-STEM sponsored seminars for future G-STEM Scholars
  • Complete all surveys, assessments and requests for information administered by the G-STEM Office and the G-STEM External Evaluator to determine the effectiveness of the GSTEM program and your research experience abroad

Contact Us

G-STEM Program Office
Science Center, Room 401
350 Spelman Lane, SW
Campus Box 340
Atlanta, GA 30314
Office: 404-270-5842
Fax: 404-270-6147

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