Academics: Office of the Provost

Spelman College Graduates

The Vice and Associate Provosts

Interim Vice Provost Dolores Bradley Brennan, Ph.D.

Delores Bradley

Rockefeller, Room 101

The responsibilities of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs include providing leadership in academic administration including policy formation, academic assessment, personnel decision-making, program management and supervision, faculty development, faculty governance, teaching and learning, and continuing education.

In addition, the Vice Provost will provide supervisory leadership to program directors and provide leadership guidance and support to overall academic administration of the College. The Vice Provost reports to the Provost.


College Accreditation Coordinator
Venetta I. Coleman, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Cynthia Hudson


Interim Associate Provost of Research: Leyte L. Winfield, Ph.D.

Leyte Winfield

Science Center, Room 151

The Associate Provost of Research provides leadership for the cultivation of research capabilities at the College by securing gifts and grants from industry, government agencies, and public and private nonprofits.

Essential duties and responsibilities of the Associate Provost include: Strengthening the infrastructure of policies and procedures that facilitate involvement of faculty in research and scholarship pursuits; establishing a coordinated system to improve efficiency in the use of research and research- related equipment; and serving as a liaison to other campus units on matters related to research and research training; and facilitating research proposal development.

The Associate Provost of Research Oversees These Areas:


Office of Research Resources Staff

Research Resources Program Coordinator
Angela R. Taylor
Program Evaluation Coordinator
Lakesha Stevenson
Core Lab Technician
Stacy Cephas
Research Laboratory Manager
Alisa Butler