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A major in Spanish consists of 11 classes and 45 hours, with no grade below “C.” Spanish majors must also spend a minimum of one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country with a Spelman-approved program. Spanish majors must take the one-credit-hour SPA 485 class in the fall of their senior year to prepare them for the senior comprehensive exam.

The department serves a diverse student constituency, including those enrolled in core-mandated courses as well as majors and minors. For each, the department seeks to develop a broader understanding of a foreign culture through its primary manifestation: language. In addition to improving the skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening in a foreign language, departmental courses expose students to literary, historical, and social artifacts of a foreign culture. Analysis of the formal aspects of a foreign language also serves to heighten awareness of English language structures.

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A major in Spanish helps students develop a proficiency in the language as well as make them aware of the cultural manifestations of the language. With its emphasis on language, literature and critical thinking, the foreign language major prepares students for graduate work, teaching, government, and other careers with an international focus.

Department-Sponsored Summer Study Programs

Spanish students may participate in our programs in Santiago, Dominican Republic, San José, Costa Rica, Málaga, Spain and Cuenca, Ecuador. In these programs, students live with host families for a month and study Spanish in a university setting. The program in the Dominican Republic is designed for students who are also interested in current social, political and economic issues in the Caribbean that affect Dominican life.

The program in Costa Rica is for students who wish to study Spanish and are also interested in social and environmental issues and community service. The program in Málaga is for students who are interested in studying the culture of Spain, and exploring its ties to Africa and the European community. The program in Cuenca, Ecuador is for students with an interest in the Andean cultures of South America and in visiting an area of great biodiversity. Eight hours of credit are awarded upon successful completion of these programs.

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