Academics: Majors and Programs

Spelman College Graduates

Goals and Objectives


The department of sociology and anthropology offers courses that encompass sociological and anthropological analyses, methodologies, technologies and theoretical perspectives. The department offers two majors: Sociology, and Sociology and Anthropology. In addition to the resources within the College and the Atlanta University Center, the department uses the vast reservoir provided by social agencies and research projects in the metropolitan Atlanta area


Upon completion of the prescribed program for a major in sociology or a major in sociology and anthropology, the student should be able to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge essential for understanding society and culture from sociological and anthropological perspectives on a global scale;
  2. identify and critically evaluate the contributions of female and Black sociologists, anthropologists, social scientists and scholars;
  3. identify and critically evaluate the social and historical forces and institutions that influence her life;
  4. pursue graduate study or careers in sociology, anthropology, law, medicine, public health, criminal justice, social work, and other fields in which social and cultural expertise is essential; and
  5. apply the analytical and research methods analysis of sociology and anthropology to social issues and conflicts in preparation for participation as an agent of creative social change.