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Religious Studies Major Goals and Objectives

The religious studies program at Spelman College offers students the opportunity to engage in the academic, interdisciplinary study of religion. Courses explore the nature of religion as a significant phenomenon of human life. Religion is studied by analyzing sacred texts, by examining the histories of distinct religious traditions, and by exploring the general interaction of religion with social and cultural life in diverse settings. Focus is also placed on the roles of women in religions and on the meanings of religion in the African Diaspora.


Upon completion of a major in religion, a student should be able to:

  1. demonstrate understanding of the academic study of religion;
  2. identify and analyze various methods in the study of religions;
  3. understand historical developments of a variety of religious traditions, including the roles and statuses of women within the traditions;
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the critical developments of a variety of religious traditions in the African Diaspora;
  5. demonstrate critical writing and reasoning skills, especially in regard to roles of religion in social life; and
  6. identify and critically assess her participation in religious traditions and institutions as a Black woman.

Religious Studies Honor Society

Theta Alpha Kappa is the only national honor society that serves those involved in the study of religion and/or theology at both the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels. It honors students who have shown promise for continued growth in the study of religion. The society aims to further the discipline of the study of Religion by encouraging research, good teaching, publication and intellectual and social exchange among students, teachers, and writers in the field as well as with persons in other scholarly disciplines.

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