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Mental Health Concentration

The department of psychology has designed a field-intensive program in mental health to support majors not only in the acquisition of knowledge in coursework, but also in the development of skills, field experience, job development and placement. It is expected that this program will increase students’ competitiveness for relevant entry-level job positions as well as for admission to graduate programs.

Another purpose served by this program relates to Spelman’s commitment to community service. Students entering the mental health delivery system early in internship and practicum experiences will learn about the various services, and they will develop skills that will enable them to be effective service providers for the community, even as undergraduates. The mental health sequence consists of a 40-hour concentration in psychology courses specifically relevant to the area.

Course Sequence

  • PSY 201-202, PSY 201L-202L: General Psychology, Majors
  • PSY 217, 217L: Statistics in Psychology
  • PSY 305, 305L: Psychology Laboratory Class
  • PSY 302: Child Psychology
  • PSY 304: Adolescent Psychology
  • PSY 407: Personality Theory
  • PSY 318: Psychometric Instruments
  • PSY 301: Social Psychology
  • PSY 450: Senior Seminar
  • PSY 325: Community Psychology
  • PSY 327: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 420: Mental Health Practicum
  • MPSY 452: Therapeutic Intervention in Clinical Psychology (Morehouse)

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