Academics: Majors and Programs

Psychology Major Requirements

The psychology major is designed to provide depth in the subject matter of the discipline and flexibility according to students’ interests. The major in psychology consists of 40 semester hours, which must be distributed as follows:

Required Courses (40 hours)

  • PSY 201, 201L, 202, 202L: Introduction to Psychological Science I & II
  • PSY 217, 217L: Statistics in Psychology
  • PSY 305, 305L: Research Methods
  • PSY 318: Psychometric Instruments, or PSY 417: Statistics II
  • PSY 450: Senior Seminar
  • One PSY Laboratory course  
  • One Area I elective  
  • One Area II elective 
  • One additional elective from Area I, II, or III

Laboratory Courses (One of these must be taken)

  • PSY 310: Psychology of Learning
  • PSY 312: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 315: Sensation and Perception
  • PSY 320: Brain and Behavior