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Psychology Goals and Objectives


The mission of the Spelman College Department of Psychology is to prepare students for the study and service of psychology. We seek to empower women to lead and effect positive change in the world by instructing them in the ethical, systematic study of behavior and mental processes, and the application of psychology to community and global issues with the expectation of intellectual engagement and academic excellence.


Upon completion of the prescribed program for the major in psychology, the student should be able to understand and demonstrate: 

  1. knowledge of theories and principles in the discipline, including those related to the African American experience and the experience of women
  2. the scientific method
  3. how the theories and principles of psychology may be applied to individual, societal and global issues
  4. facility in communicative (oral, reading, writing and listening), research (quantitative and qualitative) and critical thinking skills
  5. ethical standards and practices within the discipline
  6. relevant applications of technology
  7. competencies required for entry into graduate or professional school, or for entry into the world of work

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