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Political Science

Political Science Goals and Objectives

The political science department is organized into two primary tracks: American institutions and processes and international relations. The general core curriculum and electives are consistent with the requirements for an excellent department as outlined by the American Political Science Association.


The goal of the political science department is to transmit the knowledge of the discipline by providing courses and instruction that are characterized by excellence. Courses are designed for students who desire a basic, general knowledge of American government; students who major in the discipline, but do not plan to go to graduate school; students who plan to go to graduate or professional schools; and students who plan to teach in the social sciences in the public schools of Georgia.


Upon completion of courses in the political science major program, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and principles of political science in the structures, institutions, and processes of the United States and other nations;
  2. Apply the knowledge of the discipline, using technology as well as traditional methods, to contemporary questions;
  3. Organize ideas and focus them effectively on the issue in question;
  4. Demonstrate an outstanding of verbal and written communicative, analytical and critical thinking skills in various academic and professional settings;
  5. Recognize their personal value systems and apply these to their own social and political worlds; and
  6. Provide content for integrating skills for teacher preparation, graduate, and professional

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