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By now you probably know about the Spelman MILE, our holistic approach to making sure you get everything you need to achieve personal success, but perhaps you didn’t know that part of that process includes physical well being. Part of becoming the best woman you can possibly be involves making sure you stretch your body’s limits as you expand your mind. Our extensive, comprehensive physical education program will help you do just that.

Q: Do I have to partake in physical education?
A: Yes, physical education is a Spelman College requirement and with good reason: it will help you achieve not only physical well being, but mental and emotional well being, as well. Participating in physical education during your years at Spelman will promote a lifetime of  good health, fitness and recreation that will enhance your overall quality of life.

Q: How many hours are required?
A: Two semester courses of physical education are required for graduation, in addition to your 118 academic hours. Classes taken to fulfill the two-semester requirement may be selected from any activity area, though we recommend that students take at least one course from the area of lifetime activities. Dance courses at the 100 or 200 level may count toward the requirement in physical education. Students who participate in intercollegiate athletics (excluding cheerleading or dance team) will fulfill one year of their course requirements.

Q: Aside from getting a stronger, healthier, better body, what else will physical education do for me?
A: You have so much to gain! Keeping active can reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and many dangerous diseases while keeping you looking toned and healthy. And did you know physical activity can also improve your academic performance? It’s true. You’ll also find a newfound sense of self-discipline, too. As you set fitness goals and achieve them, you’ll also become more confident.

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