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Music Major Requirements

The department of music offers curricula leading to a bachelor of arts degree in music. Students may either major or minor in music.

To receive the bachelor's in music, the student must successfully complete 48 credit hours of music courses with no grade below “C”.

Required Courses

  • MUS 000 Music Seminar
  • MUS 001 Piano Proficiency Test
  • MUS 113A Music Theory I
  • MUS 113B Music Theory II
  • MUS 113C Music Theory III
  • MUS 121 Introduction to World Musics
  • MUS 202 Music Technology for Majors
  • MUS 203 Introduction to Music Business
  • MUS 214 Improvisation for Majors
  • MUS 240 Survey of African-American Music
  • MUS 313 Orchestration and Arranging
  • MUS 321 Form and Analysis I
  • MUS 350 History of Western Music I
  • MUS 351 History of Western Music II
  • MUS 490A, 490B Senior Project

Music majors are required to take eight credit hours of elective courses in order to complete the degree in music.

  • MUS 130 Women in Music
  • MUS 200 Introduction to Music Technology I
  • MUS 201 Introduction to Music Technology II
  • MUS 209 Counterpoint
  • MUS 210 Choral Conducting and Literature
  • MUS 288 Arts Journalism: Writing About the Arts
  • MUS 302 Jazz Composition and Arranging
  • MUS 309 Vocal Literature and Pedagogy
  • MUS 310 Vocal Diction for Singers*
  • MUS 311 Opera Workshop
  • MUS 317 Chamber Music Literature
  • MUS 319 Keyboard Literature and Pedagogy
  • MUS 330 History of Jazz
  • MUS 451/452 Introduction to Composition

*Required for all vocal performance majors.
The student must also complete the following to fulfill the music major:

The student must be enrolled in applied music, an ensemble that serves as a laboratory supporting the primary applied music study, and music seminar each semester.

The student must have an applied jury in her major medium evaluated by the faculty each semester, except when she is scheduled to give a junior or senior recital.

The student must pass a piano proficiency examination before the end of the junior year.

The student must present an exit project (senior recital, thesis, or composition) during the senior year prior to graduation.  

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