Academics: Majors and Programs


Master-level Degree Recipients

The following is a list of Spelman Mathematics Alumnae who have completed or are pursuing master-level degrees. 

To help us update our list, please send information to, of Spelman alumnae pursuing graduate degrees.

  1. Ashley Owens, C'2010, M.A., Single Subject Teaching, University of Southern California, 2011

  2. Jamaica Pouncy, C' 2010, M.A., Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama, 2011

  3. Arianne Ross, C'2009, M.S., Mathematics, Iowa State University, 2011

  4. Ashley Sullivan, C'2009, M.S., Mathematics, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, 2011

  5. Jerelle Carriere, C'2008,  M.S., Architecture, Tulane University, 2011

  6. Brittany Cole, C' 2008, M.S., Mathematics, Georgia Southern University, 2010

  7. Karen Hicklin, C'2008, M.S., Mathematics and Statistics, Georgetown University, 2011

  8. Natasha Quzack, C'2008, M.A., Business Administration, Webster University Semester, 2011

  9. Shereka Beaty, C'2007,  M.A., Business Administration, American University, 2011

  10. Victoria Frost, C'2007, M.S., Mathematics, University of Arizona, 2010

  11. Brittany Mosby, C'2007, M.S., Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010

  12. Ethiopia Hewitt, C'2006, M.A., Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011

  13. Ashley Embry, C'2006, Applied Mathematics, University of Central Arkansas, 2008

  14. Janelle Jones, C'2006, M.A., Applied Economics, Illinois State University, 2010

  15. Morgin Jones Williams, C'2006, M.S., Applied Mathematics, Hampton University, 2008

  16. Bianca McCollister, C'2006, M.A., Business Administration, Indiana University Southeast, 2011

  17. Erica Parker, C'2006, M.S., Operations Research, North Carolina State University, 2009

  18. Brittany Sanders, C'2006, M.A., Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010

  19. Jewel Satterfield, C'2006, M.S., Applied Statistics, Kennesaw State University, 2011

  20. Adrienne White, C'2006, M.S., Information Security Technology and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, 2008

  21. Shelby Wilson, C'2006, M.S., Applied Math and Scientific Computation, University of Maryland- College Park, 2010

  22. Brittany Bellizeare, C'2005, M.A., Acting, The New School, 2009

  23. Tammisha Butler, C'2005, M.A., Urban Teaching Leadership, Georgia State University, 2007

  24. Erica Fields, C'2005, M.S., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

  25. Marisa McDaniels, C'2005, M.S., Environmental and Occupational Health, Emory University, 2010

  26. Marguerita Street, C'2005,  M.A., Alternate Certificate - ADOL Math 7-12, St. Johns University, 2007

  27. Melissa Winford, C'2005, M.A., Business Administration, Concentration in Finance, Strayer University- Washington, 2007

  28. Fredericka Blackwell, C'2004, M.A., Secondary Education, Clark Atlanta University, 2010

  29. Michelle Craddock, C'2004, M.S., Mathematics, University of Mississippi, 2006

  30. Kimberly Latchman, C'2004, Ed. M., Educational Leadership, Georgia State University, 2009

  31. Nyasha Lewis, C'2004,Ed. S., Educational Specialist, Piedmont College, 2011

  32. Jamila Mathias, C'2004, M.S., Statistics, North Carolina State University, 2008

  33. Kamilah Mooney, C'2004, Ed. M., Montessori Education, Loyola University Maryland, 2008

  34. Tabitha Neal, C'2004, Ed. M., Secondary Education, Mercer University Macon, 2008

  35. Niki Willis, C'2004, M.A., Business/Marketing, Tulane University, 2007

  36. Shacara Johnson, C'2003, M.A., Public Health, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2008

  37. Jamie Chatman, C'2003, M.A.,  Multidisciplinary MPH, University of Pittsburgh, 2008

  38. Jamie Chatman, C'2003, M.S., Statistics, Rice University, 2008 

  39. Laquanta Miles, C'2003, Ed. M., Educational Administration, Boston College, 2007

  40. Carla Ponder, C'2003, Ed. M., Mathematics Education, Georgia State University, 2005

  41. Danielle Tillman, C'2003, M.S., Architecture Three Plus, University of Michigan - Central Campus, 2007

  42. Hatshepsitu Tull, C'2003, M.S., Applied Math and Scientific Computation, University of Maryland- College Park, 2007

  43. Justine Bailey, C'2002, M.A., Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2010

  44. Akua Abeasi, C'2003, M.A., Business Administration, Georgia State University, 2008

  45. April Crenshaw, C'2002, M.S., Financial Mathematics, Florida State University, 2004

  46. Vanessa Green, C'2002, M.S., Operations Research- Mathematics, North Carolina State University, 2004

  47. Calandra Harris, C'2002, M.A., Accountancy, George Washington University, 2006

  48. Carmen Harris, C'2002, M.A., Physical Activity and Public Health, University of South Carolina, 2004

  49. Lisa Harrison, C'2002, M.A., Alternative Teacher Education, Pace University, 2004

  50. Iris Hudson, C'2002, M.A., Human Nutrition, University of Michigan - Central Campus, 2005

  51. Carmen Jackson, C'2002, M.A., Management and Leadership, Webster University Semester, 2007

  52. Kali Jordan, C'2002, M.S., International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006

  53. Terri Logan, C'2002, M.A., Education/ Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix, 2007

  54. Safiyyah Saleem, C'2002, M.S., Computational Linguistics, University of Washington - Seattle, 2010

  55. Mariana Sharpe, C'2002, M.A., Education/ Secondary Teacher Education, University of Phoenix, 2006

  56. Gaytria Thomas, C'2002, M.A., Personal Portfolio of Study, Mercer University Macon, 2010

  57. Andreana Walker, C'2002, M.S., Mathematics, University of West Alabama, 2009

  58. Timesha York, C'2002, M.S., Mathematics, Georgia State University, 2012

  59. Alexandria Baltimore, C'2001, Ed. M., Secondary Education, University of North Florida, 2005

  60. Mekyah McQueen, C'2001, Ed. M., Mathematics Education, Georgia State University, 2005

  61. Shakeerah Penthall, C'2001, M.A., Finance, La Salle University, 2003

  62. Alissa Ellis, C'2001, M.S., Mathematics, Virginia State University, 2002

  63. Jennika Gold, C'2001, M.S., Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon University, 2002

  64. Amber Grier, C'2001, M.A., Personal Portfolio of Graduate Study, Mercer University Macon, 2011

  65. Talisa Murray, C'2001, M.S., Operations Research- Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2004

  66. Kris Sealey Johnson, C'2001, M.A., in Philosophy, The University of Memphis, 2005

  67. Erica Young, C'2001, M.S., Computer Education and COG Systems, University of North Texas, 2005