Jeanne Meadows,Spelman College Model U.N.,International Studies Major Requirements

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International Studies at Spelman

International Studies: The Major

The international studies major at Spelman is rigorous and focused. The structural integrity is maintained by an oversight committee composed of the major adviser, the study abroad adviser, chairs of the departments with core courses in the major, and the chair of world languages and literature. The charge of the committee is to ensure that major courses meet stated goals and objectives.

Students are required to select courses in a specific issue area or country area, designated as a “track.” Track selection ensures that students acquire a specialized core of knowledge. The first two courses in the major are interdisciplinary.

Major Requirements

Students should begin the major in the sophomore year. Courses The major consists of 40 credit hours - 20 hours of core courses designed to introduce the concepts and organizing frameworks and 20 hours of elective courses designed to provide competence in a specific geographic or issue area.

The elective courses must all be at the 300 level or above. Courses must be selected from two departments at minimum.

Core Courses
  • IS 211, Introduction to International Studies
  • IS 212, World Politics
  • History 303, Foundations of the Modern World
  • Economics 324, Economic Development of Emerging Nations; OR Economics 424, Globalization and Development; OR IS 325, Development and Planning of Developing Nations
  • IS 411, Senior Thesis
Elective Courses
These courses must be chosen from your concentration.

Additional Requirements
Economics 241 is a cognate course for the major due to its status as pre-requisite for both Econ 324 and 424. This course may be used to satisfy the Social Science requirement for the College Core.

Students interested in admission to upper tier graduate or professional schools in International Studies should take both Economics 241 and Economics 242.

The international studies major should successfully complete at least two courses in a foreign language at or above the 300 level.

One semester of Study Abroad is required. It is suggested that International Studies majors go abroad during the first semester of the junior year. Students will receive major credit for two electives taken during Study Abroad. International students may be exempt from the Study Abroad requirement.

A grade of C or better is required for the successful completion of major courses.