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Human Services Major Requirements

Note: This major is open to Pauline E. Drake Students Only

A. Goals and Objectives

Human services is a program leading to a bachelor of arts degree that combines offerings from several disciplines, including economics, education, political science, psychology and sociology. Upon completion of the program, students will have the background for graduate study or for careers in the human services, geriatric facilities, residential treatment centers, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, preventive corrections programs, or agencies associated with urban and community development.

Graduates with the human services major may work effectively as administrators, advocates, educators, or staff support personnel. The program is committed to providing:

  • A theoretical framework essential to the understanding of human behavior;
  • Exposure to a variety of occupational choices in the human services field; and
  • Practical experience in occupational settings related to the students’ specific areas of interest

Upon completion of the major in human services, the student should be able to demonstrate:

  • Awareness of the role of human services as “helping” processes;
  • Knowledge of the social science perspective and methodology as applied to a specific human service setting;
  • Effective skills in interpersonal relationships which may be applied to a variety of human service settings;
  • Effective communication, quantitative, and critical thinking skills; and
  • Knowledge of human services in general and of specific areas of human services that may serve as prerequisites for graduate study or related work.

B. Courses

The human services program consists of major core requirements and specialty areas from which students must select one course. The major core requirements provide a common body of knowledge relevant to the human services field. Cognate courses provide background knowledge in the social science areas, including a basic understanding of human behavior and some of the problems with which humans must cope.

Courses in the specialty areas help students develop skills and knowledge pertinent to specific human services areas. The field experience gives the student an advantage in securing a position or promotion from her present position after graduation.

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