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History Major Requirements

The history major is a writing-intensive endeavor, and therefore, requires that all history majors successfully complete English 103, English composition, before they become a history major. Also, the history department considers a minimum grade of C for both semesters of this course to be successful completion. To receive the B.A. in history, the student is required to successfully complete a minimum of eleven courses in history, or 44 credit hours with a grade of C or better. The course distribution is as follows:

  • Area of Concentration (3)
  • SHIS 203: Historical Methods (1)
  • SHIS 303: Making of the Modern World (1)
  • Senior Seminar (1)
  • Major Electives (one from each area other than concentration) (5)

Major Electives
The remaining five major electives are to be taken as one from each area outside of the area of concentration. No more than three of these five electives can be at the survey (200) level.

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