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French Major Requirements

A major in French helps students to develop significant proficiency and makes them aware of the principal literary and other cultural manifestations of the language.

With its emphasis on language, literature and critical thinking, the foreign language major prepares students for graduate work, teaching, government, and other careers with an international focus.

A major in French consists of 45 hours, with no grade below “C.”

Required Courses
  • FRE 303
  • FRE 306-307
  • FRE 308
  • FRE 309-310-311
  • FRE 321-322
  • FRE 485
Majors in French must also complete FRE 400 and FRE 478.


Upon completing a course sequence in a foreign language through the 202/222 level, a student will be able to:

  • demonstrate basic oral proficiency in the foreign language
  • understand basic grammatical structures in the foreign language and show an awareness of syntactic patterns
  • demonstrate critical thinking, especially in relation to analyzing, synthesizing, and producing the foreign language
  • demonstrate an awareness of the basic literary and cultural manifestations of the foreign language 

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