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Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

Research Opportunities

Spelman’s success in producing world-class leaders is most profoundly represented in the sciences. The Environmental Science and Studies program at Spelman gained the distinction of being accredited by the Environmental Health Accreditation Council (EHAC) in 2005. Spelman College is one of only a few private undergraduate liberal arts colleges to have earned this distinction.

  • Bioremediation of Metals and Organics 
    Prof. Victor Ibeanusi, Ph.D.
  • GC-MS, HPLC, including analytical method development in various environmental matrixes
    Yassin Jeilani, Ph.D.
  • Biotransformation of inorganic and organic arsenicals in feed addititives, and analytical biochemistry, and enzymology
    Prof. Gladyse Bayse, Ph.D.
  • Synthesis and characterization of organoarsenicals and analysis of environmental pollutants using spectroscopic techniques
    Prof. Cornelia Gillyard, Ph.D.
  • Environmental Justice and Regulations 
    Fatemeh Shafiei, Ph.D.