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The Writing Minor

Updated August 2014
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The Writing Minor is designed for writers interested in a range of creative and critical projects. Grounded in the fundamentals of craft and form, the minor’s courses bring together media literacy, creative composing, rhetorical analysis, and professional writing. Our goal is to advance students’ skills and knowledge in ways that prepare them to engage with the diverse literacies of the 21st century. Each student works closely with her adviser to create an individual course plan that fulfills her interests and goals.


The Minor requires five courses (20 course hours), with one prerequisite and four electives. Students may cross-register at other campuses for up to two electives. Electives taken at other campuses must be approved by the student’s adviser and the English Department Chair.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students must take one prerequisite course, to be selected from the following:

  • ENG 286 (Research Methods in Writing)
  • ENG 287 (Argumentation)
  • ENG 290 (Introduction to Creative Writing)

Students may take more than one course classified as a prerequisite; in that case, the second prerequisite course taken will count as an elective.


  • ENG 288, Arts Journalism (cross-listed: MUS 288)
  • ENG 295, Poetry Writing Workshop I
  • ENG 364, Writing About Film
  • ENG 381, Journalism Workshop (requires Junior classification or instructor’s permission)
  • ENG 384a, Rhetorics of Advertising (requires Junior classification or instructor’s permission)
  • ENG 387, Ethnographic Writing
  • ENG 389, Composing Disability, Health and Wellness (requires Junior classification or instructor’s permission)
  • ENG 390, Editing for the Literary Journal
  • ENG 391, Creative Nonfiction
  • ENG 395, Poetry Writing Workshop II
  • ENG 396, Fiction Writing Workshop
  • ENG 397, Screenwriting I (Fiction)
  • ENG 398, Playwriting I (cross-listed: DRA 309, DRA 311)
  • ENG 407, Screenwriting II (Fiction)
  • ENG 451, Independent Study
  • ENG 453, Writing in Professional Contexts

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