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Film and Visual Culture Minor Requirements

Suggested sequence of courses 

The film and visual culture minor prepares students to engage the historical, theoretical, social, and political ramifications of the cinematic and cultural image in our global society. This minor supports the traditional study of film as well as an extended investigation of the culture that both produces and consumes it. The conventional framework of the film and visual culture minor invites interdisciplinary approaches.

Thus, the courses are housed in several departments.


Five courses (20 hours) are the minimum requirement for the FVC Minor

Core Courses (Two Courses)

  • Eng 361     Introduction to Film Theory and History
  • Eng 362     Feminist Film Criticism

Electives (3 Courses)

Students will be able to select from the following courses in English and Foreign Languages:

  • ENG  363    African Cinema   (4)
  • ENG  364    Writing About Film (4)
  • ENG  312    Shakespeare on Film
  • ENG  369    Images of Women in the Media (4)
  • ENG 397     Fiction Screenwriting I  (4)  or   ENG 407 Fiction Screenwriting II (4)
  • ANTH 444  Food and Culture in (Film)
  • CWS 311    Documenting Women: Oral Narratives and Digital Media Production II
  • FRE 304      French Cinema (4)
  • FRE 302      Francophone Cinema (4)
  • SPA 350      Latin-American Film  (4)

For English Majors

Only two film and visual culture minor courses can be counted as major electives, and no course shall be double counted.

Eng 364, Eng 397 and/or 407 may be counted toward the writing minor, but not as English major electives.

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