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Spelman College Computer Science Olympiad Rules

Each team consists of 4 students, and a coach. Each team must abide by the following Olympiad competition eligibility rules:

  • No team can be comprised of all upper level students (no more than one senior).
  • Each team must include at least one female member (all male schools exempt).
  • Each team must compete in all competition events.
  • Each team must have a faculty or staff coach.

As in previous years the five computing discipline areas selected to challenge students are Cryptography, Robotics, Programming, Website Design, and Hardware/Software Integration.

This year we have changed the following events: Website Design, and Robotics.

Website Design - design and create a unique multi page website based on a given theme related to Computer Science and Robotics using Google Sites. (2 hrs)

Robotics - Based on Lego MindStorms Challenge format. Teams are to build a MindStorm NXT Robot, and program it to complete a given task(s) using NXT-G 2.0 software. (3 hrs)

Programming Google Android Applications - Design and create a unique Google Android App using App Inventor or the Java Android SDK (, and bring it to the Olympiad for a 3-5 minute presentation and demonstration during the event time. The App for this event should be themed specifically for your university, or around ARSTI and/or robotics in general. Please read this event handout(AppInventor Event). Get your team together and get started using App Inventor. (2 hrs)

Cryptography - secret code breaking using Cryptography and Cryptanalysis techniques (brute force, Caesar cipher, frequency analysis). (1 hr)

Hardware/Software Integration -  Jeopardy style event. Five of the following categories will be used: Hardware, Software, Networks, Operating Systems, Cryptography, HTML, Internet, Life On-line, CS History, Women in Computing, Programming languages, Data Structures, Input/Output, Netiquette. (1 hr)