Academics: Majors and Programs

Computer Science Minor Requirements

The department offers two minors, each of which consists of 24 hours (six courses). A minor in computer science is also required to take freshman seminar (CIS 181 and 182) and senior seminar (CIS 481 and 482).

Computer Science Minor

The computer science minor is designed primarily for students with a science background. CIS 121 and CIS 122 are required, as well as either CIS 213 or CIS 216. Of the remaining three elective courses, one must be chosen from CIS courses numbered 210 or above, and the other two must be chosen from CIS courses numbered 300 or above. All electives must be approved by the department chair.

For example, students may choose courses from the set CIS 313, CIS 366, CIS 435 and CIS 463 or from the set CIS 302, CIS 326, CIS 413, and CIS 463. The suggested mathematical cognates for this option are MATH 214 and MATH 234.

Information Science Minor

The information science minor is designed for nonscience majors and is oriented toward business and information science. CIS 121, 122, 213 and 302 are required. The two elective courses must be chosen from courses numbered 300 or above, or MGT 300, Principles of Management.

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