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Research Opportunities That Open Minds

“Research has been an amazing experience for me here at Spelman, and this year I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Tekle and study the diversity of microbes, specifically amoebas,” said Reche' Moore, C’2012. “While working with amoebas, I did not realize how important and diverse these particular microbes are to the environment. I want to thank the Spelman College biology department, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

With assistance and mentoring from faculty, students participate in research involving cancer biology, evolution, aging, microbial diversity and plant genomics. Another opportunity includes “Sea Semester,” a six-week study abroad experience in marine biology, maritime studies and navigation. Students travel the seas to Tahiti, Hawaii, Caribbean Islands, and the Gulf of Mexico.

More than 80 percent of graduates go on to pursue doctoral studies in science or professional training in medicine, dentistry or applied health professions. The department also contributes to student learning across campus through courses designed for nonscience majors and prerequisite coursework for pre-medical students.