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Japanese Studies Minor Requirements

A minor in Japan Studies consists of 24 semester hours. Students using Japanese 101 through 202 as the college language requirement start the Japan studies minor with Japanese 303 and 304 or equivalent elsewhere.

Students who use another language to fulfill the college language requirement must complete at least Japanese 202. All students are required to take SOC 260-Japanese Society. Students must pass all courses with a minimum grade of “C.”

  • Elementary Japanese- 101 and 102
  • Intermediate Japanese- 201 and 202
  • Advanced Japanese- 303 and 304
  • Japanese 478- Special Topics in Japanese
  • Japanese Society- Sociology 202
  • Women in Japanese Society- Sociology 360 (cross listed in the Women's Studies)
  • Modern Japan- History- 343A
  • Japan in Asia- Political Science- 342
  • Japanese Economic Development- Economics 350
  • Japanese 305- Survey of Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
  • Japanese 306- Selected Readings in Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

Transfer of Credits

Except for SOC 260, students may take Japan Studies courses at some other approved college and transfer a maximum of 50 percent (12 hours) of credit hours to satisfy the 24 credit-hour Japan studies minor requirement.
Courses taken elsewhere do not have to be social science courses, but must be Japan related. A course may receive credit although it is not offered at Spelman, e.g. geography, but it must still be Japan related. The Japan studies director will determine this transfer of credit.

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