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Experience Study Travel Opportunities

With the minor in African Diaspora Studies and the recent initiative of Spelman Going Global, the ADW Program offers study travel opportunities for experiential engagement with communities of African and African-descended people globally.
ADW short-term study travel courses, which include experiences in London and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, as well as Ghana, provide international experiences and intercultural understanding.
In 2011, Spelman launched The Bank of New York Mellon African Diaspora and the World Lecture Series as a co-curricular offering for the course. Created at the suggestion of Spelman alumnae who took the course in the mid-1990s, the aim of the series is to create an annual opportunity for one nationally or internationally known speaker to visit campus.

Globally Competent and Confident Citizens

“Overall, the ADW program helps students become globally competent and confident to work with NGO’s and other institutions in developing countries,” Billingslea says. “ADW can also help any student who might eventually do work in either education, international and public affairs, law or other service professions because it helps them to understand the connections and intersections between various communities of African descended people worldwide.
“One of the first things students learn in ADW is that people don’t automatically identify and assume the same kind of racial identity that Black people in the U.S. have. Afro-Colombians, for instance, may see themselves differently from the way sub-Saharan Africans or African-Americans very often see themselves. ADW really helps students to recognize and unravel some of these complexities.”