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African Diaspora and The World Minor Requirements

The African Diaspora and the World minor allows students to deepen their exploration, begun in the introductory ADW 111-112 sequence, about the foundational contributions of Africans and African descendants to the creation and development of the modern and post-modern worlds. It provides students with an intellectual foundation that enables them to reflect upon and articulate their sense of identity in the context of the global presence of people and culture of African origin. Special emphasis is placed on the intersections and connections among the various communities of African descent globally. The course sequence, which requires both scholarly and experiential engagement, seeks to prepare students to become members of a world community committed to positive social change.

Requirements for the ADW Minor

Six to seven courses totaling 24 hours are the minimum requirement for the ADW minor. Two core courses, ADW 220 and ADW 242, are required. Students must then select four additional elective courses, two from the social sciences and two from the humanities to complete the minimum 24 hours. The electives from the social sciences and from the humanities must be from two different traditions or geographic regions.


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