Academics: Faculty

Terezinha Cássia de Brito Galvão, Ph.D.

Title: Professor of Environmental Sciences and Director of the Environmental Science and Studies Program
Office: 404-270-5708; fax, 404-270-5869
Location: Tapley 132, Box 342

Educational Background:
Purdue University, Ph.D.
Purdue University, M.S.
Federal University of Minas Gerais, M.S.
Federal University of Minas Gerais, B.S.

Dr. Galvão has served in the field of environmental geotechnology for 20 years as teacher, researcher, consultant and community outreach. She has authored more than hundred publications, including books, cd’s, book chapter’s and peer-reviewed articles.

Currently, she serves as vice-president of the International Society of Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG), USA, a multidisciplinary professional organization of technical and policy experts who work on various aspects of sustainable development. Since 1990, ISEG has organized 15 conferences in collaboration with local institutions in Europe, North America, South America and Asia that have generated international research partnerships and regional development policy initiatives.

Also, she is a member of the director board of the Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction-GADR- a worldwide consortium of about 50 professional organizations, public agencies and academic institutions that are active in disaster prevention and management. GADR operates programs in partnership with national agencies and UN organizations.

Her main research areas are: geotechnical, chemical and mineralogical properties of soils, thermodynamics of contaminant interactions with soils and clean-up techniques, recycling of waste materials, waste disposition, mining waste disposition, rain-induced landslides, erosion control, streambank erosion control, bioengineering techniques applied to erosion control (RECP’s – rolled erosion.

Courses Taught:

  • ES385 - Global Environmental Change
  • ES403 - Environmental Science Seminar
  • ES211 - Introduction to Environmental Sciences
  • ES211L - Introduction to Environ. Sciences – Lab 
  • ES 252- Introduction to Geosciences – Lecture
  • ES252L Introduction to Geosciences – Lab
  • ES 251 - Soil and Atmospheric Science
  • ES 499 Independent Studies
  • ES 435 Research in Environmental Sciences
  • Short Courses in International Conferences: Bioengineering and Erosion Control


  • 2009 Civil Engineering of the Year Award.
  • For valuable scientific contributions to benefit of the Brazilian society. Engineering Society of Minas Gerais in association with the Alumnae Association of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in May 2009.

Research Interests:
Bioengineering applied to Erosion Control
Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards

Recent Publications:

  • Parizzi, M.G., Sobreira, F.. De Brito Galvão, T. C. 2011. Processos de Movimentos de massa em Belo Horizonte, MG. Geografias. Vol. 7, nr. 1, pp. 58-87.
  • De Brito GALVÃO, T. C.; Pereira, A. R; Coelho, A. T.; Pereira, P. R, Coelho, J.T. 2010. Straw blankets sewn with recycled plastic threads for erosion and urban sediments control. Journal of Land Contamination & Reclamation, Vol. 18, nr. 4, pp. 1-10. 
  • De Brito GALVÃO, T. C., Rodrigues, A. 2010. Bioengineering techniques associated to soil nailing applied to slope stabilization and erosion control. ASCE Natural Hazards Review. May 2010, p. 43-48.
  • MENEZES G.B, De Brito GALVÃO, T. C., Moo-Young, H.; 2009. Pulp and Paper Mill Efluents Management. Water Environmental Research, Volume 82, Nr 10, pp 1560-1567.
  • De Brito GALVÃO, T.C., Coelho, A. T. 2009. A study of streambank stabilization and erosion protection as function of bank armoring system. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering- An International Journal (submitted). 
  • De Brito GALVÃO, T. C.; Kaya, A.; Oren, A. H.; Yukselen, Y. 2008. Innovative Technologies for Liners. Soil & Sediment Contamination - An International Journal, nr.17, issue 4, p.1-14.
  • De Brito GALVÃO, T. C., Inyang H. I, Bae S, and Menezes G.B. 2007. Clay Charge Reversal Effects on the Adsorption of Dissolved Polymer by Lateritic Soils. Chemosphere, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, vol. 66, p. 638-643. 

Professional Leadership:

  • 2012 - Co-chair -12th International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development. California, USA, June 2012.
  • 2011 - Invited Lecture. 11th International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development. Beijing, China, August 2010.
  • 2009 - Keynote Speaker of the International Conference in Erosion Promoted by the IECA- International Erosion Control Association – a 25 years old traditional engineering society of the USA. For a public of 1,150 participants in Reno, Nevada
  • 2007 - co-chair - International Conference on Waste Management, Environ. Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development. Ljubljana, Slovenia.